Burj Al Arab

Dubai is the master city of illusions and mystifications, it can be fairly called that way due to the great number of various truly beautiful and exotic places that can be called the traveler’s dream and are worth visited by tourists from all around the world. First of all, Dubai is famous for its fabulous buildings and it's marvelous hotels, that are considered to be the most fabulous ever.

I want to tell in this article about luxury Dubai hītell. Do you know the famous hotel in the world, situated in Dubai? Burj Al Arab is one hotel in the world with 7 stars service.

Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab - the only one 7stars hotel in the world
For example, The Burj Al Arab Hotel, the 5-star masterpiece, is called the pearl of Dubai. It took the government of the city 5 years to make this magnificent project come to life, the building process was run in 1994 and was finished in 1999. And at the same year it hospitably opened its doors to welcome the guests. At that time Burj Al Arab was the most unique invention in the architectural field. As the hotel itself is being built on an artificial island, that is 280 meters from the sea shore, the connection is being provided with a great bridge. Also, the hotel was considered to be the highest hotel-building in the whole world, its height is 321 meter. The architectural construction of Burj Al Arab fascinates the imagination; it's designed to imitate the sail of a huge Arabic boat that is made of glassy material, generously illuminated at the evening and night time. The colours are being smoothly changed from red to violet, so that you get a feeling of a live rainbow. And this is in true harmony with the night lights of Dubai itself, the whole view is absolutely charming.

On the top of the hotel there is a helicopter landing, golf playground and the luxurious restaurant AL MUNTAHA.

As for the interior of Burj Al Arab, its atrium lobby is also the highest in the world-180 meters. Due to its exclusivity, Burj Al Arab has become one of the most extra-ordinary, expensive and most desired hotels in the world. To afford yourself one day living in the hotel's apartments, you should be ready to pay 1000$-15000$, depending on the suite level. One night stand in Royal Suite would cost you 28000$. So, it's easy to understand, that lots of tourists are visiting Dubai just to see this piece of art. In the mass media Burj Al Arab is being given the status of 7-star hotel, but, as the official system offers only 5 star rating, its category is 5 stars Deluxe. There are 202 lux rooms, no any standard room. All rooms in Burj Al Arab has 2 flours, the area of the smallest is 170 m2 , the biggest is 780 m2.

The idea of this complex belongs to Sheikh MUHAMMAD; the responsible architect is TOM RAYAN. To make the interior as admirable, as the exterior, it was decided to make the walls gold plated; it took 8000 square meters of 22-carat gold leaves. The hotel can also boast its wall-height windows in every suite that give a magnificent panoramic view of the Persian Gulf on one hand and Dubai itself-on the other. As you enter the hotel, it welcomes you with the beautiful stair fountain that can be the symbol of eastern hospitality. Going upstairs, you will be able to see the whole 27 floors that are becoming more and narrower; there you will find also two-level apartments.

According to review of guests, they were taken from aero port on new white Rolls-Royce. The Dubai escort of Burj al Arab hotel accompanies guests from the limo to the room. You don’t need stay on the reception and wait! The staff settle an affair in the office of your apartment.

Visiting Burj Al Arab, do not forget to visit its restaurants- «AL MAHARA» and «AL MUNTAHA», «AL-MAHARA» was rated by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine the best fish restaurant of the world. Burj Al Arab is one of the World's Wonders, visiting it will make you treasuring the memories for ages. Besides, memories are the kind of treasures, that cannot be stolen or borrowed, as well as bought, so investing in your inner world, memories and impressions is the most profitable and wise way to spend your money. Travelling around the world will not only give you pleasant moments, enrich your inner world and make you an interesting personality to talk to. Besides, it gives you an opportunity to meet interesting people and acquire new skills in international communication. Enjoy your travelling experience!

Nobody can go on the territory of Burj Al Arab without list of advance booking. And it is a plus of the hotel; otherwise the hotel will be look like Disney land. Everybody wants to look and take photos with the most famous hotel in the world.

The address of Burj Al Arab is Jumeirah Beach Rd P.O Box 74147, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Autors: Marianna and Anastassia
The 28th of October 2011 year.

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