The Famous Golden Souk

Before telling about the Golden Souk, let me give you a piece of advice-while going to the Golden Souk, it is better to take the local Dubai escort guide, who will accompany you. The professional Dubai guide knows the place and will be happy to help you with a piece of advice, so that not to be cheated.

One of Dubai’s national prides, the famous Golden Souk, is located in one of the districts, worth visited for shopping needs, Deira that can be called a mini trade point of the city. In the Golden Souk people are selling and buying gold and golden jewellery for more, than 50 years. Over here you can find almost anything to match your needs-starting with mass-market rings, ear-rings and chains, modern jewellery and finishing with the exclusive pieces, that represent the national tradition of golden jewellery production, that cost much more, and can satisfy even a sophisticated person, who is in search of something unique, for the special needs or a memorable event as a present.

The national oriental jewellery is very different from the European mass-market, it is massive, as gold has always been the symbol of wealth, good life and status of its owner (for example, one arm bracelet can be more, than 10 centimeters width) and at the same time, it looks very delicate, repeating the leitmotifs of the national decorative elements, that are used in architectural and painting arts. The Arabic golden necklace can cover the entire breast, or even be the belly-length, but, surprisingly, they do not appeal rough, but are very interestingly composed, charming and light.

The Famous Golden Souk
The Famous Golden Souk
The traditional material for the industry of the golden jewellery is 18-karat, 21-22-karat and absolutely pure 24-karat gold, that is being incrusted with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, jaspers, turquoises, topazes, pearls, opals, beryls, lapis lazulies and other precious stones.

The Dubai Golden Souk is the largest one on the whole eastern coast of the Arabic countries, which capacity is over a ton of jewel material.

The Golden Souk is a worth visited place for all Dubai’s tourists. Neither men, nor women can resist this golden dazzling beauty, exhibited in the windows of mostly every shop. The only disappointing moment is that tourists cannot afford themselves to buy as much golden jewellery as they want, because in all the airports all the departing passengers have to pass the customs control that has strict limitations on the allowed weight of gold taken out of the country through the border.

Walking along the fantastic windows of the Golden Souk, you can think of only one thing-buying lots of gold-you are forgetting about everything you needed before, this effect can be called the golden fever, as it will take you a lot to resist this desire. Besides, the prices for gold in Dubai are extremely low; over here it is much cheaper, than in the other Arab countries even. There were historical moments, when gold in the Golden Souk coasted cheaper, than in London on the broker’s market, which is absolutely remarkable.

So, for every tourist, who is travelling to Dubai, visiting the Golden Souk can be called an obligatory option, almost a must. Hardly ever you will come across a man, who does not love gold, especially cheap gold of high quality.

The other advantage, that gives you great benefit of buying gold in Dubai, is the city’s safety, due to the Emirates’ governmental system and different strict rules that fight against criminal situations-you do not have to be afraid of robbery or any other kind of violence. Here you are absolutely safe. Enjoy buying jewellery, spending money, sharing your joy with relatives and friends; visit the Dubai’s Golden Souk!

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