Dubai as a touristic city

These are the traveler’s notes, a short article about Dubai and its national features and peculiarities that will help the stranger to get acquainted with the Arabic culture, customs and traditions. It is a short story for people, who are newcomers in Dubai or are only thinking of visiting it as tourists or for business means, it gives the description of the United Arab Emirates, tells about its location, history and some national peculiarities and laws, that would be useful for the visitors. This article tells you about some things, that you should be aware of and some things, those are a kind of national pride and deserve to be experienced.

Dubai city map
Dubai city map. Click to zoom
The best piece of advice, that could be given to a tourist, visiting the United Arab Emirates, and Dubai especially, is to use the service of a Dubai escort guide or even Dubai escort driver, who know all the places of tourist’s interest, from monuments to shopping centers, which will be very helpful to a newcomer.

Talking about the national culture, customs and traditions, we should mention the national dress, which is Hondura for men and Abai for women. Hondura is a long white dress, that is being worn with a piece of white cloth on the head, abai is a long black dress, which is being completed by a piece of black cloth, that is used to cover the woman's head and sometimes the face, partly, depending on the woman's husband's requirements. Hondura and abai are being sold everywhere in Dubai, including fashion clothes shops, where you can find luxurious abai, completely decorated with the Swarovsky crystals, from such famous brand designers as Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Versace, Ferucci, Fendi, Ferre and many others. The Arab women say that the way abai looks is more important, than the beauty of the face, because this is not only a piece of clothes, but it shows your status and reflects your income.

The other national peculiarity is perfume, based on natural oils, the most expensive ones are being produced individually, depending on the customer's taste. This perfume is absolutely exclusive and the manufacturers give the guarantee, that no one else will have the same fragrance, so it can become a kind of individual personal characteristic. For example, The Sheikh Family has its own branch in the perfume industry, only for the members of the Crown Family and it is bearing a specific royal name, such as The company Arabian Oud-in Saudi Arabia. "Rasasi", that was founded in 1983, is the national Emirates' perfume line, based in Dubai. Of course, the specialized Arab perfume is extremely expensive and prestigious. For sure, average people cannot afford buying them, but as a tourist, you can visit this kind of shops to taste and to feel the unique fragrance of the United Arab Emirates.

The other national peculiarity, that is world-famous and worth-admired is, for sure, the arabic coffee, which has become a legendary flavour, that is fairly associated with all the arabic countries. The Arab people do not usually drink tea, but coffee, which can be considered their national pride. Coffee is being offered in all the cafes and it is an obligatory must-have in every house. Traveling to the United Arab Emirates, you will be surprised with the great variety of sorts of coffee, being offered.

Another national feature, that made Dubai famous is its hippodrome, the elite place for horse exhibitions and races, besides it is a prestigious place to spend your leisure. Over there you can meet people of the “rich Man’s world” and besides enjoy the beauty and grace of the Arabic horses, that are said to be long-legged, fast and furious.

Travel to the United Arab Emirates, visit Dubai, feel the oriental hospitality, all these national features and peculiarities will not leave you disappointed and even indifferent. Over here you will see, how the time-run slows down and you will experience the charm of the Arabic culture that remained pure and unchanged through the ages.

There is absolutely no doubt, that you are going to have lots of fun, while visiting Dubai, you are gonna learn different cultural peculiarities, but, to safe, please hire a professional Dubai escort guide, who will take care of you and escort in Dubai during the whole time of staying.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most beautiful countries of the Arab world, as well as it could be fairly called one of the world's most remarkable cultural, touristic and shopping centers. So, let me tell you about this amazing place. The United Arab Emirates consist not of cities, towns and suburbs, but emirates, that are a kind of states, with their own reigning person-the sheikh-and own laws, that differ from emirate to emirate. For example, it is allowed to drink alcohol in Dubai and it is being sold in the restaurants, clubs, discos, bars and in the hotels, but not in the shops. At the same time, it is strictly prohibited to drink alcohol in Sharjah. So, you should be very discreet, while visiting this country to avoid having problems, it is better to be prepared and study this peculiarities in advance, before traveling, because in case of disobeying the law, the punishment will be very strict, in some emirates, instead of paying penalty, the judge can decide, that you should be hit by sticks forty times, which is very tough. Due to these measures, the discipline in the United Arab Emirates is perfect. So, please, be careful and take care before going to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujeirah, Ras Al Khaim and Umm Al Quaime, that are the United Arab Emirates, because for the same fault you can get absolutely different punishments, depending on the emirate. Actually, the most advisable and suitable for the tourists are Abu Dhabi, that is the great and magnificent capital of the United Arab Emirates, and Dubai, that is the most loyal and close to the european mentality, where the rules are not that strict.As for Dubai, it is located between Abu Dhabi and Sharjah on the shore of the Persian Gulf. Nowadays it is a successful, rapidly developing cultural, touristic and merchant city.

The population in Dubai can be called "a melting pot", because over there you can meet people from almost all around the world. Besides the local Arabs, you will meet also Arab people from all the nearby gulf countries: Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine; there are lots of people from Pakistan, India, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Phillipines; also, tourists from America, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia-that are either just visiting Dubai, or are working for its companies and have become almost citizens. So, most widely spread confession, that people believe in is the Muslim tradition, but you are guaranteed to meet also christians, buddhists, induists, sikh and bahai people.

Visiting Dubai for sight-seeing, you will be pleasantly surprised, because over here, you can admire Dubai's historical monuments as well as the masterpieces of the modern architectural art, such as the magnificent hotel Burj Al Arab or the Burj Halifa Tower (previous Burj Dubai Tower), and also Palm Jumeirah, the Map Island (that depicts the map of the whole world), which are absolutely innovative and can be found nowhere, but in Dubai.

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