Dubai trade center of the Middle East.

Dubai is rightly considered a trade capital of the Middle East. A successful arrangement at the crossroads of shipping routes going from Africa, India and South East Asia, was conductive to the development of Dubai, as the regional world trade center. The centuries-old trading traditions of Dubai are reflected in the culture and life style of the local population. Dubai has passed a long way from the coastal fishing villages where the explorers traded spices and silks, to the largest port city in the region with developed industry of trade. Free from taxes the economy sector has made prompt break thanks to which Dubai was included into number of leaders of shopping-tourism and became the present "Mecca" for buyers from all over the world.

Do shopping in Dubai – a worship phenomenon that combines pleasant pastime with useful acquisitions. In the shopping mall of Dubai everything is thought over to trifles, from automobile parking to the entertaining centers, from Dubai escort accompanying to lonely browsing round a mall. Moving through the maze of shopping malls and trapping the odors of Oriental fragrances, you plunge into a relaxed atmosphere, which turns every purchase into a pleasure.

In the modern Dubai there are more than forty shopping centers, led by the “flagship” of a giant Dubai Mall, where under one roof in the area of 1.2 million square meters is situated 450 stores. You can buy in Dubai whatever you want, from cheap consumer goods to luxury goods represented by the world's best brands. The variety of the goods amazes and it is completely not surprising that in this sea of abundance it is possible to be lost.

Recommendations to customers.

If you are going shopping, you should think about your route in advance, choose the appropriate products and shopping complex. There is no necessity to go to every malls in Dubai as among them there are undisputed leaders, where you can go without error. In the official websites of shopping complexes in Dubai you can get information about their location, operating time and presented goods. For better navigating in a shopping area, please, use generally located information boards with convenient charts showing sales outlets, where you can also take paper maps for making necessary marks.

The most profitable in Dubai is to buy diamond jewelry, Swiss watches, fur coats, Persian rugs and electronics. In recent years the prices for clothes and footwear has increased significantly and has become almost equal to the European prices, but they still concede to the Moscow ones.

Try not to do purchases on last and first days of month — these are “salary days” in the United Arab Emirates: shopping centers are hammered by local residents. If you buy not so expensive thing, try to pay off with cash as you will have a possibility to bargain. Before going shopping you should really walk on shopping centers and malls, having compared the prices for things that you are interested in. You should always ask a range of goods, as in the UAE decided it is not accepted to expose all the available goods in a show-window.

The best prices for the goods in Dubai can be obtained during the “Dubai Shopping Festival” (from January 15 to February 15) and the
“Dubai Festival Summer Surprises” (from June 11 to August 14). The discounts start at 20% and reach 70% even for the luxury brands. During this period, it is very important not to succumb to everyone's excitement and to start buying everything in sight.

Go shopping in Dubai you can with dollars, dirhams and credit cards, all of which are wide spread circulation. It is necessary to consider that for visiting of one shopping center you will spend minimum 3 hours, but if you really get carried away you can spend there the whole evening. Shopping centers of Dubai work till 10pm and on weekends and holidays to 11pm.

Author: GEO 3/11/2011.

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