Dubai Mall Ė Mecca for a shopaholic.

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Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall – Mecca for a shopaholic

The shopping and entertainment center "Dubai" (Dubai Mall) is the largest shopping mall in the Middle East, it is located in a super modern district of Dubai - Downtown Burj Dubai. This mall has an area more than 1.2 million square meters, which is comparable with an area of fifty football fields. This architectural project cost 20 billion dollars. Its opening was delayed twice, and it was finally opened on November 4, 2008. In the center there are more than 1200 shops, cafes and entertainment facilities, there is also the world's largest "Gold Souk". This mall has also a so called "Fashion Island", which included 70 boutiques, such as: Versace, Burberry, Roberto Cavalli, Galliano, Hermès, Givenchy, Cerruti, Missoni, Tom Ford, Ermenegildo Zegna and other global garment manufacturers. Multi-storey parking is calculated at 14 000 seats. Dubai Mall includes a multiplex of 22 rooms, children's entertainment and education center KidZania, a theme park SEGA Republic, an area of which is 7600 square meters, and also an ice skating rink of the Olympic sizes.

Useful information:

Address:    Downtown Burj Dubai
Telephone:    + 971 (4) 437 32 00
Operating mode:    Sun-Mon 10.00 am-00.00am

"The development and construction of such major projects as The Dubai Mall is a complex process involving the joint work of many people, tenants of store space and authorities. Opening our shopping center, we offer our guests not only a greater quantity of boutiques and attractions, but also very different quality of public services and, most importantly, ample space for parking, "- says Mohamed Ali Alabbar, the Chairman of Emaar Properties, that constructed Dubai Mall.

Dubai Aquarium
Dubai Aquarium

In Dubai Mall is situated one of the biggest aquariums of the world; its volume is 10 million liters. The tunnel for visitors is laid under the Dubai Aquarium. There you can watch over 33 000 different marine species, including tiger sharks and skates. Naturally, at such figures this aquarium is a recognizable and popular tourist attraction of Dubai.

The huge transparent panel that entered the Guinness Book of Records for its size is holding back thousands of tons of water and allows to enjoy an amazing spectacle from the side. In the center of the aquarium tunnel is laid, which provides the tremendous undistorted overview (270 degrees) of almost everything that lives in the aquarium. Nearby there is a fish restaurant, where you can enjoy fresh see products.

The aquarium also offers an interesting attraction for the visitors - dive with sharks. In the aquarium there are several species of these marine predators, including sand and giant sharks. The certificated divers can dive without any preliminary preparation, but the newcomers will have to undergo a short training course. The cost of a 20-minute dive for certificated divers is 625 dirhams (around $170), for the beginner with an instructor - 825 dirhams (around $225). The excursion cost through the aquarium tunnel in the Discovery Centre — 50 dirhams.

Author: GEO 9/12/2011.

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