Dubai International Airport.

Dubai is situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. irect flights carry out communication of Dubai with the majority of capitals and big cities of Europe. Through Dubai International Airport make flights to 140 destinations, it cooperates with 96 international airlines. The new terminal to the name of Sheikh Rashid provides passengers with the first class services, including a five-star hotel and one of the world's best duty-free shopping complexes «Dubai Duty Free».

Dubai Airport
Dubai International Airport

The first place which is encountered by each tourist who has arrived on rest in the United Arab Emirates, (as well as in many other countries) is an airport. I came to Dubai for working as a girl in Dubai escort, and I know that the first impression is very important as on this first impression the person judges the country. The Arabs have understood this true and have tried to make the first impression at the highest level.

It is necessary to notice that the Dubai airport is young as well as the country: in 1937 in desert the British had been constructed a small airdrome, but it didn’t play any significant role the Emirate. The airport is begun to build in 1968, at the period of reign of father of the current Dubai Sheikh.

Over 40 years of the existence the Dubai Airport sometimes was exposed to reconstruction and modernization. And today before eyes of the surprised travellers opens the whole aviation city: with cargo and passenger terminals, with excellent system of service and safety.

For the year the Dubai Airport accepts about 80 million people. This is a huge figure, except that it acts as a transit airport, and it is possible to make change on hundreds various flights. A few airlines connect Dubai with Russia, and in 2012 it is being opened a new line of Dubai-Saint Petersburg. Let's hope that this will happen.

“Aeroflot” is flying from Moscow to Dubai (the flight duration is about 5 hours) 9 times a week, Emirates - 6 times a week, “Siberia” - 4 times, Pakistan Air - twice. It flies from Moscow and Transaero. Budget “Air Arabia” flies twice a week from Moscow in Sharjah. “Aeroflot-Don” is doing in Dubai one flight per week from Rostov-on-Don, “Siberia” - a week of Novosibirsk, “Ural Airlines” - twice a week from Yekaterinburg and Samara. “Fly Dubai” airline also flies from Yekaterinburg and Samara, as well as from Ufa and Kazan. Several airlines offer flights with change in cities of Europe and Asia. In addition, several Russian cities sent chartered flights to Dubai and Sharjah. If you don’t fly to the UAE, and to another country by the “Emirates” airline, at your desire you can stop off in Dubai. You can charge visa registration to the airlines.

Certainly the airport created a very comfortable environment for the passengers, at any time of year the temperature does not exceed 25 degrees; courteous staff will answer any questions and will help in any problem; at the disposal of the passengers are a lot of bars, restaurants, cinemas, shops and lounges. All boards with information are written in the English and Arabic languages. Lately at the Dubai Airport is appeared Russian-speaking staff and it is very pleasant for visitors from Russia and CIS.

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the largest airport in the entire Middle East and it is the largest air hub in the UAE. The airport is known for its excellent duty-free shop, which is one of the few places in Dubai where you can buy alcohol. To send and receive international flights use Terminal 1, from Terminal 3 to the city you can go by subway. A taxi from the airport to the downtown will cost about 20 dirhams.

The Sharjah International Airport (SHJ) is located in the emirate of Sharjah, it is just 30 minutes of driving from Dubai. This airport works only with the international flights, which are due to congestion cannot be accepted by the Dubai Airport. A taxi from Sharjah to Dubai will cost 50 dirhams.

During the 11-day New Year and Christmas holidays, the charter flights from Russia are accepted by the Abu Dhabi's airports.

Author: GEO 8/12/2011.

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