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Added Friday, 09 December 2011

First of all, you should know that the requirements for obtaining a Dubai Visa depend entirely on your nationality. The citizens of Gulf Cooperating Council (GCC) countries GCC citizens don’t require a visa to enter Dubai. The citizens of some countries can get a visa on arrival at Dubai International Airport. As for the citizens of the countries, which are not in this list, they can get a 30 day tourist visa funded by a local organization, such as a tour operator or a hotel, and a visa should be obtained before entry into Dubai.

There are 2 different kinds of a visit visa. They differ from each other of a staying period: a short term visit visa allows you to stay in Dubai 30 days; a long term visit visa permits you to stay in Dubai 90 days. It should be noticed, that these visas are non-renewable. As for fees, for a short term visa you will have to pay 620 AED, this sum includes application fee and typing fee; and for a long term visa, it is 1120 AED, it includes payment for an application and typing. You should also pay a deposit of 1000 AED to the local relative, or sponsor, or resident. This deposit is supposed to be compensated after the visa holder will leave the UAE.

You should remember that visa laws are always changing, and therefore we strongly advise you to check the requirements for visa obtaining with people who are visiting Dubai very often. For instance, our ladies from Dubai escort will be glad to help you in this issue.

For infringement of term of departure from the country there are sanctions in the form of the penalty: 200 AED for the first day of delay and 100 AED for each next day, besides your travel agency will pay 5000 AED of penalty. Violation of the visa regime could lead to a ban on entry into the country for an indefinite period.

If you have stayed in the United Arab Emirates more than 20 days, than to make an application on registration of the following visa, you cannot earlier than in 30 days after departure from the country.

For a visa registration are accepted only the passports, which period of validity is not less than 3 months from the moment of the trip beginning. Nevertheless, the immigration officials are encouraged to apply for a visa only if your passport’s period of validity is 6 months from the moment of the trip termination.

In the United Arab Emirates, the immigration department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is engaged in registration of visas, on the basis of the demand from the local travel agency, which is sponsoring your trip. In Dubai, the department of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs issues visas for foreigners. The term of visa registration is 5 working days, excluding weekends (in Dubai weekends are on Friday and Saturday).

It can be refused to issue a visa for a woman less than 30 years old, who is going to visit Dubai without being accompanied by her husband or her father. You should be ready to explain the presence of any suspicious marks and stamps in your international passport. If in your international passport there is an Israel customs mark, than you will risk not passing boundary control, even if you have a visit visa.

In case if the authorities refused to open a visit visa, you don’t get your money back. And the cause of a failure isn't informed the applicant.

To obtain a Dubai visa is required:

  • A digital copy of your INTERNATIONAL passport in the JPEG (if a child is registered in the passport, and he is over 6 years old, than in the passport must be pasted his picture). For children, who are over 14 years old, it is required their own INTERNATIONAL passport.
  • A color digital photo in the size 4.3cm x 5.5 cm in the JPEG.

Another kind of Dubai visa is a multiple-entry visa. It is available for people who have some connections with local businesses, that’s why they visit Dubai regularly. Its period of operation is 14 days each time of coming during 6 months from the date of issue. The multiple-entry visa costs 2100 AED (plus AED 20 delivery fee) and could be applied for after entering the United Arab Emirates on a visit visa.

The last kind of Dubai visa is a, so called, “transit visa”. It is for visitors, who are travelling through Dubai in transit. This kind of visa is available free of charge through the airlines and it’s valid for 96 hours.

Author: GEO 9/12/2011.

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