The Arabian Poetry

Reading books each of us understands that our life becomes happier, it acquires great meaning. Books make the world much greater for people; tell how magnificent and wonderful the world is. Books help us in self-education and in deciding problems of life. Opening the book we find our-selves in a silent wonderful world. We visit foreign shores, we discover hidden treasures, and we travel among Stars.

As for me, I could read when I was five years old, but I preferred being read to reading myself like all other children in the world. Most of all I was fond of Russian and Arabian fairy tales. Then I got interested in the world classical literature. When I was in my senior forms I was keen on history and liked reading historical novels. I cannot say that I have never been fond of reading science fiction stories and detective stories. But even now, my favorite book is a collection of the Arabian Poetry.

Though in the United Arabian Emirates there was not yet a poet who would become a Nobel Laureate, the wealth of literary works, and the originality of their plots are highly appreciated. The dominant plots of the Arabian poetry are satire, Chivalry, self-praise, patriotism, religion, family and love.

Arabian Poetry
Arabian Poetry
The majority of poets in the Arabian world are princes, sheikhs, seamen and teachers, it is very socially broad.  Actually, it seems that in this country the poetry has subordinated other kinds of art, such as calligraphy, architecture, music and theater. The style and form of poetry in the UAE was strongly influenced by the eight century scholar – Al Khalil bin Ahmed – who composed poems, having used 16-foot meter.  In Andalusia (Spain) during the Islamic period of civilization this form of poetry has undergone a slight modification (Al Muvarshahat), a line or bate adhered strictly to the two forms of the hemi verse, each of which contains an equal number of feet, and all the second hemi verse end with the same rhyming letter and sound through the whole poem. However, this Arabic poetic form has not escaped the western influence, somewhere in 20th century prose and poetry began to make their own way into the local literary world.

The earliest known poet in the UAE is Ibn Majid, who was born in Ras Al Haymahe between 1432 and 1437 years. Released from a family of successful navigators, Ibn Majid has written more than 40 (surviving) works, 39 of which are in verse.

Another poet, who got in the 17th century the respect of his colleagues, was Ibn Daher, who was also born in Ras Al Haymahe. Ibn Daher used poetry alarm (also known as folk poetry or poetry of the Bedouin), taking advantage of people's everyday dialect, as opposed to classical Arabic poetry.

The biggest luminaries in the field of literature the UAE of the twentieth century, especially in classical Arabic poetry, were Mubarak Al Okayli (1880-1954), Salem bin Al-Owais (1887-1959) and Ahmed bin Sulayem (1905-1976). Three other poet from Sharjah, known as group Hirah also enjoyed success in the twentieth century, were Mus'ab Khalfan (1923-1946), Sheikh Saqr al-Qasimi (1925-1833), former governor Shardaha Sultan bin Ali Al Owais (1925 - 2000). As noted, the group's work had a major impact Hirah Apollo and the romantic poets.Recently deceased President His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, as well as His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Governor of Dubai, is also known to have handwritten alarm.

The Arabian poetry is the best way to dive into the unbelievable world, the world that is fond of dry wind, thorny sand, burning sun and unforgettable landscapes. For more romantic evening you can read the poetry to your lovely lady. If you have not her now, invite on the poetry evening independent Dubai escort. Is it romantic, isn’t it? Doesn’t this world attract you; doesn’t it allure you, tempt you, and seduce you?!

Author: GEO 3/11/2011.

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