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In Dubai there are two seaports and a large International Airport. On September 9, 2009 the Dubai subway was launched after its opening the transport system of Dubai has become one of the best among the cities of other Arab countries. Nevertheless, the above-ground transport, basically cars and taxis, are the most popular. A travel card, which is granting the right to unlimited quantity of trips by the underground and by buses, is possible to be bought for 14 dirhams. Another payment option of public transport is a funded travel card – Nol – it costs 20 dirhams, 14 of which remain on your balance and give 10 % of a discount for all fares. There are different means of transport in Dubai, such as: metro, buses, taxis, rails, water taxis and ferries. All these means we can test together with one of our Dubai escort ladies, who will be glad to guide you in this whirlwind of transport.

Dubai subway.

Dubai subway train
Dubai subway train

The Dubai Metro consists of lines: the Red Line and the Green Line. The Red Line is longer and it is composed of such stations as: Dubai Internet City, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall and so on. The Green Line connects Bur Dubai and Deira. By the underground it is possible to reach the first and third terminals of the Dubai International Airport, city center and the central shops. The price per one ride varies 2-8,5 dirhams, the price depend on the distance traveled and the class of wagon. The price will be double, if you want to pass in a VIP-class wagon, also known as “Gold”. You can also choose a women-only wagon or a family wagon.

Dubai subway map
Dubai subway map. Click to zoom

The Dubai Metro’ operating time is from 6 am till 11 pm, from Monday to Tuesday. On Fridays, the Dubai Metro schedule is from 6 am to 2pm. Trains run every 10 min; you should also take into account that the last metro trains leave the first station an hour before its closing.

Dubai buses.

In Dubai there are sufficiently modern, air-conditioned buses, which are mainly used by the imported workers in the UAE. Bus service is focused on the movement between the basic outlets of the city. In some directions buses run seldom enough. The main bus stations are: the market Gold Souq and the bus station Al-Dzhubeyba (Bur Dubai).

The average fare is 2 dirhams, the drivers sell the tickets at the bus stops, you can board a bus through the first door. The rout map you can usually find at the bus stations. During the period of Ramadan the timetable of buses can be changed. The first seats in buses are usually reserved for women. The busses in Dubai are running from 6 am till 11 pm. Since October 42, 2006 in Dubai there were night buses, their movement on five routes covering the main districts of the city, is carried out from 11.30 pm till 6 am with 30-minute intervals. Their fare is 3 dirhams (0.8 USD). Bus service operates between the capitals some emirates.


In Dubai there are some fleets of taxis that are working twenty-four-hour. The cost of a trip from one end of Dubai to another is about 15 dirham, from the airport in the downtown — 30 dirham. Taxis are running along the streets all the time, and it is very easy to take it. Taxi parking is located opposite to any shopping center or hotel. Be ready for a rather eccentric manner of driving of the local taxi drivers: they are pretty aggressive on roads, and they are well aware of the location of shopping centers, but they may not know an arrangement of any remote places, and will be circling the streets, ringing round their acquaintances to find out where to go.

In the municipal taxi fare is paid by the meter. How to get into a taxi belonging to private companies cost less, because they decided to trade and can significantly bring down the price. Also operate the machine with a white inscription «Emirates Taxi». A trip to these taxi passengers would cost 1.5-2 times more expensive than usual: they installed a counter on which to pay, depending on mileage, also paid by the very fact of planting. Landing at the time of day is 03.02 dirhams, and every 900 meters - on the counter - 1 dirham. The UAE has a lot of private companies, machines which differ in different exterior colors, uniforms of drivers and the level of service, so one has only to stop cars with identification marks taxi. In the car, "privateers" to sit down is not recommended, especially for women. Taxis, park near the hotel, usually have higher prices than were stopped on the street. In a taxi it is forbidden to smoke. According to established rules, the women sit in a taxi just in the back seat.

In many areas, there are shuttles that move along a certain route and stopping at the request of the client. Since January, 2007 in streets of Dubai there were the taxi intended specially for women. Women taxi painted in pink, and their drivers are women fully clothed in the proper form of monotonous. The main points of female taxi stops are hospitals, maternity homes and shopping malls of Dubai. All airports are working «Airport Taxi» with fixed rates, fares which are generally much higher than in private companies.

Dubai water taxi.

Dubai water taxi
Dubai water taxi

Abras - traditional water taxis - are not the only mode of transport for the carriage of a Dubai channel, but also one of the attractions. For many decades abras were the cheapest form of transport in the city, but in 2005 the fare has doubled - from 0.5 dirham to 1 dirham. Now there are in Dubai 150 abras. During the year they move up to 20 million people. In a short time is scheduled to open water communication not only between the two sides of the channel, but also between the emirates.


An interesting feature of the country is the almost total ban on hitchhiking within the city and suburbs. To stand on the side of the road to stop a passing car is not simply allowed the SDA, but is an administrative violation. If the fault of the passenger accident happens, especially on the freeway, he could face jail for several months. At the same time for the local hitchhiking when he, of course, was a success, we have to pay - free local drivers almost no one bringing up.

Dubai rail transport.

In the near future, the UAE plans to build its own railway network «Emirates Railways», which will link together all the emirates, as well as providing transport links to neighboring states. The total length of railway track to reach 700 km. The main purpose of the construction of railways is the implementation of the transport of goods. Commissioning of passenger trains scheduled for the second phase of the project.


Constant ferry communication is carried out by the state Iranian company IRISL (Islamic republic of Iran shipping company) in following directions: Bandar Abbas — Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) and Bendery — Abbas — Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The cost of the cheapest ticket depends on a season — it is about 55-60 USD.

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