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Added Sunday, 25 December 2011

The better possibility to avoid the public means of transport is to rent a car in Dubai for enjoying your time. It is possible to rent a car in one of the large or small automobile companies. In large companies the cost of rent of the car depends on the brand and it ranges from 60$ to 300$ a day. In small companies as collateral, you can leave the original copy of your passport. The cost of renting a car in a private company is about 30 USD -50 USD, but it is without insurance.

The term of the car rental is not less than 24 hours. Petrol is paid for separately. Approximate cost of a gallon of gasoline (about 4 liters) is 1 USD. The time license to driving is made out on persons 21 years in the presence of the passport (sometimes enough copy), a credit card, the operating international rights which have been given out not less of year back, and two photos are more senior. When you are at the wheel, always have with yourself the rights and-or a passport copy. Dubai escort guide will provide you with any further information if you will have some other questions just contact with us.

Traffic regulations.

  • In the UAE it is right-hand movement, it is accepted to make way for pedestrians and to move on the central strips, leaving extreme for special cases.
  • At crossroads movement on rings is often accepted, each of which has the name, on them are guided the same as under names of streets. At movement on a ring outcome the one who already is on it has advantage.
  • Entrance on a crossroads if it is occupied by transport going ahead, is forbidden even at a resolving signal of a traffic light and considered a gross violation.
  • You cannot carry alcohol in the car without special permission (a license issued to the residents).
  • The obligatory rule — to be fastened by seat belts, observance of this rule is watched strictly by representatives of the power.
  • It is taken to warn the behind going cars with a blinker signal of presence or absence of obstacles ahead for overtaking.
  • The speed accepted in a city — 60–80 km/h, on a line — 100–120 km/h. On roads a radar is established, and penalties leave and go directly to firm where you rented the car. The size of the penalty depends on excess of speed, minimum — 100 dirham.
  • For violation of traffic rules you can withdraw the license, and for offering bribes to the police - to prosecute.
  • If you are driving a car, shot down a man - a fine is 10,000 USD, a woman or a camel - a fine is 5,000 USD.
  • The rule interference on the left.
  • The heaviest traffic is on Friday, it a day off in the UAE and many people go to the beach or shopping. Traffic signs are similar to the domestic ones; the inscriptions are made in English and Arabic. Of drivers are required the constant vigilance and careful reading of road signs.

    Car accident.

    In case of a road accident it is necessary to cause the police by phone 999 and to receive the inquiry on failure without which you can't receive the insurance and the permission to car repairs.


    In the cities there are almost everywhere paid parking with a price for 1 hour. The receipt for payment of parking should be placed under the windshield so that it could be seen. Non- payment for parking is punished by a fine of 150 dirhams; the notice thereof will be put under the "janitor." For parking do not have to pay from 1pm to 4pm. If you haven't found out your car there where have left, it could tow off in traffic police branch for non-observance of rules of a parking. In this case it is necessary to call by phone 999. The possible penalty is about 50–75 dirham.

    At the entrance to the parking (2 Dhs / hour), you must click on the panel automatic barrier. In the presence of empty seats the barrier will open, and you receive the control coupon from a crack near to the button. On time put down on it calculation on departure will be made. In case of a short parking the parking is free. If you have used parking with the automatic machine lower 2 dirhams in a coin acceptor and receive the coupon.

    Author: GEO 10/12/2011.

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