Added Saturday, 21 January 2012

Time of exhibition performance: 06.11.2012 - 08.11.2012
Place of the performance: U.A.E. Dubai
Dubai Helishow 2012 will be held in East Hall of Dubai airport, where stands, VIP hall, restaurant, and prayer room with exit at opened air for static show are placed. There is a possibility of helicopter demonstrations for potential customers.
Exhibition of Dubai Helishow 2012 are being held under support of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Air Forces of Arabian Emirates and under patronage of sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid al Maktum, crown prince of Dubai, general of Ministry of Defence of U.A.E.
Dubai Helishow 2012
Dubai subway map. Click to zoom
Exhibition organizer Mediac Communications had announced at the exhibition of Y2008 about the establishment of Middle East Helicopter Association (MEHA). MEHA will solve problems of aviation security, promote heliport development, and also operating efficiency and economic reasonability of helicopters in this region.
The importance of Dubai Helishow exhibition are growing from year to year due to the growing demand for these rotary-wing machine and service of their maintenance. In Y2010 Dubai Helishow  was replenished by partition of military helicopters. Dubai Helishow of Y2012 will be enhanced by the “National Security” partition, including unmanned aircraft as well as armored devices and other product and services, directed to the protection of country citizens from outside and inside threats. So, the 5th Middle East helicopter exhibition will consist of 5 main parts: civil helicopters, military helicopters, helicopters of medical and rescue services, facilities of internal security and avionics. You can invite any of our Dubai escorts on this exhibition.
Dubai Helishow 2010 exhibition attracted the attention about 3000 specialists, which got acquainted  with expositions of more then 100 companies.
Middle East and Dubai particularly, constantly are looking for possibilities to attract of new world resources and achievements in their countries. That is why there is growing necessity to have an infrastructure of aircraft communication facilities recognized all over the world and aimed to quality improvement and service efficiency of it’s users, including businessmen.
Equally with  Dubai Helishow exhibition, which takes place each even year, the more scale aircraft exposition - Dubai Airshow is being held every odd year, where the leading helicopter companies take part as well. Correspondingly helicopter topic at these forums sounds differently. Airshow is a scalable commercial meeting at which the most regional purchase and maintenance contracts of aircraft technique including helicopter technique are being signed. Dubai Helishow exhibition is concentrated on the requirements of Middle East users of helicopter technique – maintenance, staff training, launching of common business-projects and familiarization of new types of helicopter application.

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