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Dubai is an administrative center of the Dubai emirate; it is the largest and most populous city of the UAE. Dubai is located in the neighborhood with the Sharjah emirate on the bank of Persian Gulf to the north-east of Abu Dhabi. The city began with the small fishing settlement based in 830th year. In 1910, Dubai was a port town, which population does not exceed 10 000 people and the area equal to 4 square kilometers. Strong economic spurt was made by Dubai after the discovery here, in 1966, proven oil reserves.

At present, Dubai is one of the largest centers of international trade and tourism, that’s why we can consider the word “Dubai” as a synonym of shopping. The word “Dubai” can be considered a synonym of shopping. Purchases in Dubai are very favorable, since to a city there arrive the goods from the different countries and from different manufacturers, but thanks to economic policy which is spent by the Sheikh Dubai, cost of the goods is not above, than in the “country make”, and sometimes is more low. Besides in Dubai it doesn't bring "consumer goods", the goods of poor quality or a fake under known brands, sale of fakes is punished by the state. And any person can solve for himself where to make purchases, in malls - huge shopping centers, in the numerous markets, or in small private little shops. In each of city shopping centers the huge assortment of the goods is offered: gold, fashionable clothes, the goods for sports, electronics and furs, carpets and many other things. People come to Dubai for doing shopping from all over the world, especially in the period of Dubai shopping festival. It is a long-awaited anniversary in Dubai, when you can renew your wardrobe with a discount from 25% to 75%. It is the Paradise to any shopaholic!

Shopping in Dubai is possible to do in up-to-date shopping centers (there are more than 30 malls and trade centers in Dubai), or in numerous benches of Bur Dubai and in the markets of Deira, one the most popular market is the famous Golden Souk. Many people go to have a rest to Dubai only for the sake of the one well-known gold market in the area of Deira. The glory has come to it in 1940th years when dealers and businessmen from India and Iran have opened here the first benches. Admirers of jewels the gold market involves with a large quantity of shops, the broadest choice of the goods and rather reasonable prices. It has become for a long time one of the main centers tourists attraction in the Middle East. And tell me, who will refuse visiting the place where show-windows burst with bracelets, necklaces, rings, brilliants, emeralds, rubies, sapphires... And, of course, especially expressively it looks in the evening.

After our shopping tour we need fortify with food and drink. Travel across the Emirates is a unique possibility to get acquainted with a distinctive peculiarity of Arabic cooking. The peculiarity of Arabic cuisine is the abundance of various spices with which season dishes. The most popular are pepper, herbs, cinnamon, onion, garlic, etc. At food cooking is used basically olive oil. The structure of dishes includes bean cultures (peas, string bean). Various vegetables, fresh or tinned fruit — are obligatory components of dishes. The meat basis of Arabic cuisine is made by veal, mutton and goat meat. The traditional way of preparation of meat consists in its thermal processing without oil and fat use. Dishes from the meat processed thus, are famous for special juiciness and tenderness. In addition to meat dishes you will be suggested to try and various fish and seafood products — tuna, crab, lobster, shrimps. In Dubai are very popular fish restaurants where directly in a hall on trays with ice seafood and fish lie. You can choose anything and a chief will cook it almost before your eyes.

Dubai is considered to be the most splendid city in the world: here is the world's tallest skyscraper Burj Dubai, the world's only seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab, in which there are guided tours, a world-famous singing and dancing fountain which will amaze your imagination, and an artificial archipelago “The World” and “Palm Island” . You can also take a part in camel racing, it a carrying-away and at the same time very sporty completion; or you can enjoy a splendid laser show. This theatrical show takes place in the desert and tells one of the ancient legends the East. You can also visit modern museums or exhibitions, where anybody is able to find something to his taste. In all this variety of excursions the map of the city will help you not to get confused, and the municipal transportation network will help you to move from one place to another. Or you can rent a car, in this case, please, pay attention to the Traffic regulations in Dubai.

Dubai is on crossing of roads to Europe, Asia and Africa. Direct flights carry out communication of Dubai with the majority of capitals and big cities of Europe. Through the Dubai international airport you can get to any point of the world. And don’t forget about your visa, in nowadays the rules for obtaining visa have become tougher.

Good luck! Hope to see you soon in Dubai!

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