A Thousand & One Miracle of Dubai.

 In the mid-1990s years, the Sheikh Rashid successors began to put into action an ambitious plan - the transformation of a lifeless desert resort to a VIP class spa. As a deserted and unremarkable sea coast hardly could involve with any investors and tourists, it was necessary to think up something extraordinary. And in the vast expanses, that never knew neither the pyramids with sphinxes, nor the time-honored mosques of Madrasas, had blossomed gardens and had leapt up countless skyscrapers. The desert turned into a huge building site, where the most massive, most luxurious, most ambitious projects in the world were realized with the help of transnational engineering and construction corporations and developers. And the each subsequent project should exceed the previous one, and hit in the Guinness Book of Records became the main criterion of estimation.

The motto of the present governor of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, is “To be number one person”, that’s why he is so fond of “collecting” architectural wonders. So there the huge 162-storeyed stalagmite of Burj Khalifa, also known as Burj Dubai, rises in the sky, having outdone the competitors from China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

One of the most huge and ambitious project of an entertainment complex, Dubailand, is being built gradually. On the vast territory of almost 300 km2 - it is the fourth part of Moscow - there would be accommodated numerous attractions for all tastes. It will be difficult for the future visitors of Dubailand to make a selection from its extensive menu – whether to plunge into the atmosphere of «Jurassic Park» with frighteningly realistic monsters or to marvel at the world wanders copies including the Pyramids of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Taj Mahal, etc.

Dubai Zoological Garden contains one of the world’s biggest and most comprehensive flora and fauna collections. It is generally considered the oldest zoo in the Arabian Peninsula, having been found in 1967, when Sheikh Rashid bin Maktoum presented his peasantry and menagerie to the citizens. The Zoological Garden has the world’s best collection of wild cattle – it is the first zoo to breed the mountain anoa – and excellent collections of birds of desert and prey, cranes antelopes. The Dubai Zoological Garden also maintains the international studbooks for guar and both black and white rhinoceroses.

Dubai became a kind of a "dream factory", the fulfilled dream of Hollywood imagination. And if the modern technologies don’t yet allow to turn into reality the flying hills and mountains or kilometers-height trees from the planet Pandora, then it appears quite possible to collect “in one bottle” all that ever existed wonders of the world. Those wonders, that before you could see only visiting Disneyland, Las Vegas, or Cairo, in nowadays you could find in one place. Tourists in Dubai do not get bored! Be attentive, you can meet here famous people from all the world, even luxury porno models, some of them may be escort in Dubai very reach person, even oligarch.

The bet on mega-projects, that were taking shape with incredible speed, was a successful idea, and every year there becomes more and more those who wish to invest in Dubai real estate, not to mention just tourists. The investment boom was urged on the two key events. Firstly, after the acts of terrorism on September 11th many investors from the Muslim countries hastened to withdraw part of their capital from the West (Saudi Arabia only “took back” a third part of trillion dollars of private foreign investment), because they were afraid of possible government sanctions. An appreciable part of this money has been invested in Dubai architectural projects. And in 2003 year the local government has taken an unprecedented decision for the Gulf countries, it granted the foreigners an unlimited and unconditional right of ownership.

Author: GEO 07/11/2011

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