Dubai Restaurants

Dubai is one of the world's most famous and worth visited cities, that is extremely rich with fantastic places of interest, it is frequently said, that Dubai can boast to be fairly called a monument under the open sky, the music, fixed in stone and glass, the divine combination of ancient heritage of genuine Arab Nation and modern Arabic architectural art. Due to all these individual outstanding features Dubai has become one of the world's most important touristic, cultural and shopping centers.

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Dubai Restaurant
Dubai restorant
Though, the capital of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi, Dubai can be called the second multinational capital, that unites people almost from all around the world. While visiting Dubai you will get a unique experience of international communication and learning national customs and traditions, beliefs and superstitions, specific sport games and marital peculiarities. So, in Dubai you can meet Arab people from all the gulf countries, people from India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Iran, England, France, Germany, Russia, The United States of America, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and other corners of the world.
So, due to the multinational mixture, Dubai has become a city with a great variety of restaurants with exclusive mouth-watering dishes of national cuisines. Here you will find delicious Italian, Indian, Russian and, of course, Arabic kitchen.
Lots of bars, clubs and discotheques Dubai have collected the world's best kinds of amusement, to proudly bare the status of the icing on the cake, the Tourist's Paradise. So, visiting Dubai, feel free to carry out different experiments and to try everything new. First of all, you will surely find something to match your taste, and, secondly, you are absolutely safe from any negative impressions, because Dubai has been checked by millions of tourists, who are used to luxury leisure. If there is an opportunity, do not miss the chance to try the famous Macbus-that is spicy lamb, served with rice. If it is served with wheat cereals, the name will be changed to Haris.
burj al arab al mahara restaurant
Burj al arab al mahara restaurant
One of the best world-famous fish restaurants is also located in Dubai. It's called Al Mahara, which can be translated as "Oyster". This restaurant is located lower, than sea level, you can say, it's under the natural water-line. To get to the place, you will have to take a short, but breath-taking trip on an absolutely lucid submarine. No any other fish restaurant can boast at least alike kind of amusement. Also, there is an enormous, wall-height, aquarium, filled with rare fish specimens. Its capacity in liters is over 1000 liters. The tables are placed around this aquarium, and the restaurant can serve 74 guests, plus 3 separately placed lounges for important guests, who would prefer to keep the atmosphere of privacy, or need to set the intimate romantic mood. As for the menu offered, the dishes are being cooked only from the fresh sea products, guaranteed. To be completely happy and satisfied, you will be also offered an Alco menu with a numerous list, that contains exclusive aged sorts of alcohol. To conclude, it must be said, that the average bill in such a luxurious restaurant would be only 300$, that is not much for such a great service level.
The other outstanding place, which surely deserves tourist's attention, is The Boudoir, Dubai Marine Club. The interior decorations are truly divine, to please the guest's eye, the designers have placed sparkling bras, that provide dim and shimmery light, furniture, decorated with crimson velvet and, besides, there are wonderful fashionable brand-new music mixes all night long, that will either relax or drive you wild. This option has made The Boudoir not just a club, but a brand, that gives you a guarantee of extra-class leisure. As a pleasant additional surprise The Boudoir's management will offer you lots of original surprises, specialized for every event. Free drinks, delicious dishes, dancers and friendly staff-here you are come and enjoy! Let yourself experience the oriental hospitality. Regarding that, all the time, spent in Boudoir, will surely remain in your memories as a remarkable holiday from the everyday routine.

Authors: Marianna and Anastassia
The 31d of October 2011 year.

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