Emirates Airline

People have travelled since the earliest days of the human history. In ancient times people did not do it for pleasure, it was only for necessity. People travelled on foot and their journeys took much time, it was often dangerous and very tiring. Only in the beginning of 15th century people began to travel for the joy and excitement of seeing and experiencing new things.  And in modern world travelling has become a highly organized touristic business. There is a lot of different means of transport - jet airlines, huge liners, express trains, and shuttle buses and, of course, cars. All this means of transport provides us with comforts and security during our travelling. Owing to all this means of travelling we can reach any place of the word, including Dubai.

The choice of the means of travelling depends on its purpose. If you go on a business trip you had better go by airplane, by the Emirates Airline. And if you need somebody to meet you in Dubai, our Dubai escort will be glad to meet with you. We meet you, waiting for you in the airport, and accompany you to your hotel with great pleasure.
Some people are scared of flying. Planes make them nervous. I think there is nothing to be frightened of. Air transport is really safer compared to road transport. Travelling by air has many advantages; it is convenient and much faster than travelling by car, train or sea.
You get your luggage registrated (it is weighed and after that labeled) before you will get on board. On board of the plane you can take only a hand luggage, its weight is under control. Before the flight you have to spend some time at the airport. I like watching the planes taking off and landing.
Emirates Airline
Emirates Airline
Then you hear your flight is announced and the passengers are invited to board the plane and take their seats. The airplane armchairs are very cozy, and they are equipped with safety belts which must be fastened during both take-off and landing. Sometimes the order to fasten the belts may be given during the flight.
When the plane takes off, the stewardess gives the passengers all the essential information about your flight: the time of departure, the time of arrival, number of your plane. She also asks the passengers to fasten their seat-belts and not to smoke during the flight. The stewardesses of the Emirates Airline are usually very amiable and cater to the passengers’ wants and needs. If you want something during the flight, you are to press a button with a pictogram of a stewardess, and she will immediately come to your help.
During the flight the passengers do whatever they like – some of them read books, newspapers, magazines, others sleep; some of them plays or work at their laptops, others just look through the porthole at the beautiful scenery. Sometimes you can see the land below which looks like a map.
When you reach you place of destination in a few hours you realize all the advantages of travelling by air. It is the quickest way of travelling. Of course, we should not forget about disadvantages, as for me, the only unpleasant thing about this kind travelling is that during take-off and landing me ears hurt a little. I usually chew a gum to relieve this little discomfort. Sometimes yawning and swallowing helps. We also should not forget about high jacking, your plane may be occupied by the terrorists, you are running the risk of being killed by them. Don’t worry about it, with the Emirates Airline you are in safe.
Now, what is about the schedule of the Emirates Airline? From the 1st November 2011 year the planes of the Emirates Airline fly from Saint Petersburg to Dubai every day, in the web site of this company you can arrange a flight convenient for you. In all classes on board, you can enjoy an award-winning entertainment system, gourmet kitchen, and preventive maintenance of the multinational crew, which will allow you to relax and take pleasure. Besides, the Emirates Airline offers special prices, discounts and sales for their regular customers.

Author: GEO 7/11/2011.

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