The modern Babylon tower in Dubai.

 Dubai is a city where dreams come true. Today, all the highest, immense, luxury one is being built in Dubai. A huge metropolis in the desert grew up from virtually nothing in just a couple of decades. Half a century ago, the Arab Gulf countries could not even dream of skyscrapers and artificial islands. There were never large cities, with the exception of semi-legendary Dilmun in Bahrain, although the Arabian coast was inhabited since ancient times. However, there is a limit of areas with fresh water and materials to build houses and boats. Along the shores of bays suitable for sailors huddled fragile huts with roofs of palm leaves. Their inhabitants were living in fishing, pearling and sea trade, they also did not disdain of robbery and stealing. On one of these shores of the bay that is jutting inland for 15 km had been built the future metropolis.

As we have told before, Dubai’s the city where dreams come true. Dubai is the modern Babylon where the tallest tower was built in honor of the current UAE President – Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan – because of his significant supporting of this architectural project.
Burj Khalifa
View from the highest building in the world, Burj Khalifa
Well, let’s speak about it in numbers. The tallest skyscraper in the world is Burj Khalifa, also known as Burj Dubai. Its height is 829.84m (or 2,723 ft). But it is not the only record of this building – Burj Khalifa is the building with most floors (it has 160 floors) and there are the world’s fastest elevators. Besides, Burj Khalifa is the building of the “highest” records.
First of all, there is the world’s highest outdoor observation deck. You can look at Dubai from a bird’s-eye view; the height is 452m (1, 483ft). It is named At the Top, and it takes the third position in the top list of the highest observation deck, it cedes to the deck of the Shanghai World Financial Center and to the deck of Canton Tower in Guangzhou, but outdoor it is the first one. It allows enjoying the picturesque surrounding landscapes. You can book the visiting tickets beforehand, choosing the day and time of your coming and spend a romantic night with one of Dubai escort girl, admiring the iridescent lights of Dubai or the unfading stars of the northern hemisphere.
Secondly, there is the world’s highest restaurant, which is called Atmosphere, the name is fully justified, as the restaurant is located on the 122nd  floor, it is 442m. Here you can enjoy food and you catch your breath for the fantastic view. Unfortunately, in this restaurant you cannot book window tables in advance, the only chance to enjoy the gasp-inducing view is to arrive as early as possible and take a couple with you.
Thirdly, in Burj Khalifa there is the world’s highest nightclub that is located on the 144th floor.
Besides, in Burj Khalifa there is the world’s highest mosque, which is situated on the 158th floor.
What about the outside area of Burj Khalifa? It is encircled by a beautiful picturesque 27-acre park, which was planned by landscape architects of SWA Group. There are small flower gardens, water jet fountains, pools, palm-lined and flowering trees-lined avenue. And of course, we shouldn’t forget about the Dubai Fountain. It’s an unbelievable miracle of miracles in the world, it sings and dancing. As the idea is not new for the world (the same fountains you can find in Las Vegas, Vinnitsa, Prague, Barcelona, Hurghada, Xian and even in St. Petersburg), the California based WET Design Company originated the biggest water-engineering miracle, which attracts thousand viewers all over the world. The Fountain is able to sing 25 songs to dance to this music.  The Fountain performs its “dance” as to the classical music as to the modern pop-music.

Author: GEO 16/11/2011.

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