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Dubai is one the most beautiful and huge cities of oriental countries; it is a one of the world’s greatest commercial centers, an amazing example of an ancient city-state. Meanwhile, the city discovered the limits of growth.

As the main value of the emirate is the sea and beach line, and the length of the shoreline that is suitable for building is only 60 kilometers, the most part which had already been built up, it was decided to increase artificially the shoreline.

So there were huge precoat islands in Dubai, which now, thanks to its original and imaginative shapes are firmly associated with this city. The previous experience of land drainage in the Netherlands, Hong Kong and other countries argued that the creation of new islands can be profitable if the force of the waves is not too large, and raw material is not taken from the "Far-Far-Away Land". Severe storms in the Gulf do not happen, as for the raw material, there is more than enough stones and sand in the desert.

The form of a palm tree, which was shaped to a first alluvial island, oddly enough, is not the fruit of royal imagination, and the results of design calculations. 

It is this form provides the optimal ratio of length and area of the coast under construction, allowing placing the maximum number of buildings with private access to the sea for everyone. On the other hand, islands and real estate to them are the goods to sell and market the product, as it should have a bright and clear image of the buyer. The form on this artificial island gave its name – it was called “Jumeirah”, which means “a palm crown”. On the “trunk” of this palm are situated the multi-storied hotel, on the “leaves” there are private villas. And for the communication of this complex with continent it was launched monorail.

The example was unbelievably successful, and very soon in Dubai it was built two new "palms": Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira. Palm Jebel Ali is bigger than the previous one (Palm Jumeirah), it is situated to the west of the commercial port and. It began constructing in October 2002 and it had to be completed in mid-2008, but even in 2011 the construction is still on hold. As for Palm Deira, it is situated next to the Old Town, this “palm” compared to the first one seems to be a formless mastodon – this artificial island will be 5 times larger than Palm Jebel Ali and it should accommodate 1 million people. 

Replication of a palm shape looks odd, since we are not talking about ordinary projects. In addition, even in Jumeirah it was revealed serious flaws. The ducts, which separating the "leaves" are so narrow and houses are situated so heap, that in reality the views of windows proved to be not so picturesque and silence is not so deafening as the brochures promised. And it is not better in the multi-storied hotels and the apartment buildings of the “trunk”.

These errors were taken into account when an even more eccentric and unconventional project was creating – an artificial archipelago “The World”, which is represented the rough shape of a world map.

Each of the islands (continents) is located enough far away from its neighbors, "keeping distance" and not spoiling the view of each other. This artificial archipelago is situated 4 kilometers off the coast of Dubai. It was conceived by the ruler of Dubai – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Well, this class real estate can be used to entice world-famous rock stars, popular football players and tycoons mediocre. Although the construction is not completed, it has already been announced about several new, not less ambitious projects - the islands in the shape of stars, moons and even labels.

The opening up of the waters is side by side with the "taming" of the wilderness - along with the extension of the existing bays it is forming new channels, in places molding the whole lakes. On its banks are situated parks and golf courses (it is very good that in Dubai fresh water is not a problem - its need is satisfied by the powerful desalination stations). All this forms the ground work for countless cottage settlements and residential complexes, interspersed with parks, shopping centers and moles of active recreation and sport.

Author: GEO 21/11/2011.

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