Strange collections of Dubai Modern Art Gallery.

In our days, collecting is a great way to spend your free time and at the same time it is a great way to have fun. There are a lot of people all over the world, who are fond of collecting different things. An object of collecting can be whatever you want, don’t limit yourself; for example, someone accumulates rare old books, another one accumulated an outstanding gallery of paintings, somebody turned his garden to the Cave of Medusa the Gorgon filled it with magnificent statues. Many world-famous collections started in a small way with one or two items, and the owners of theses collections didn’t even suspect that someday their collection would be a thing of proud of a museum, or an art gallery, or an exhibition hall.

But sometimes people collect very strange things, as for example, labels from tea packets, candy’s wrappers, mechanical clock and different examples of coffee. One family have been labels-tea-packet collectors most of their life – it is their hobby. They say that it is a window on the world, offering glimpses of the flora and fauna, history and technology, arts and sports of every country and continent. It is a stimulating, long-lasting hobby and above all, it is a great fun. In the opinion of this family, it is a great way to bring history alive – you can learn a tremendous amount through labels, especially about other countries and other people’s traditions and, therefore, it is a marvelous way to stimulate intellectual curiosity. Besides, your tea packet’s labels collection is like a miniature international art gallery, where all the exhibits carry a fascinating amount of information and many are stunning little works of art. Tea packet’s labels collection is a gift that grows, giving more and more pleasure as the collection expands and develop.

Collecting books could not be considered strange. But the way that you organized these books and the reason of your purchase this or that book can be regarded as very unusual and sometimes even bizarre. One man proved conclusively that an object of collecting could be not only a rare, ancient, valuable or best-selling book, but even a paperback one, bought for 3 dollars. The only condition for the exhibit of his collection is color and size. Yeah, yeah, don’t get so surprise. All his books are sorted by color and size. He thought they would look nicer if all the same color spines sat together. He said: “I tried to follow the colors of spectrum. Look, the books go up and down in waves.” Telling the truth, you can even feel sea sick. And the collector continued: “But the most important thing is that you will have fun trying to find the book you want.” It will be a whole new experience and you will have fun.

And the last and most interesting, to my mind, collection is called “Sex toys. Different times, different countries, different application”. This collection is dedicated to Dubai escort. In my opinion, it is the most amusing and the most weird and even queer private collection. For its owner it is the first times when he made up his mind to exhibit it and what is more important, some of the exhibits were put on sale. For instance, you can acquire a sexy Victorian corset, a pair of ancient wooden Phallus, they are dated 14 century, also you can find one of the first leather condoms, a nineteenth century example of contraception. As a bonus to the last exhibit you will be told a world history of a condom. A very interesting history! For example, do you know, that before a condom began to call a “condom”, it was named a “French letter”, and some more amazing facts about this kind of contraception if you are interesting in.

In the end, I would like to say that an object of collecting could be whatever you want; all depends on your imagination. Don’t fear of dreaming; and who knows – perhaps, in future your impressive collection will be appreciated and enjoyed by your own children or even by a whole world.

Author: GEO 21/11/2011.

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