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Call Girl Dubai Mira+Elle
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Mira and Elle are new escort girls in Dubai from Poland. 

Elle likes playing with Mira, caressing her soft skin and listening to her sreaming of orgasm.


One of her hands curvs around Mira's nape. Mira tilts her head and deepened the kiss, sliding hir tongue between Elle's lips. Her eyes flutter closed. 
Elle's mouth eats at Mira's one, nipping, licking, almost bruising in pressure. Their teeth clicked and she gentled, nibbling at the corner of her lips before kissing a path down her throat. Elle pauses at the juncture where neck meets shoulder. Mira shivers as Elle's touch, the warmth of her breath, seems to make her nerve endings spark with fire. 
Do you want to join, don't you?
Mira is 21 blond lady, Elle is her brunette girlfriend of 20yo.
Measurments Mira Elle
 skin tone  white  tanned
 eyes color  green-grey  haze
 hair color  fair  chestnut
 height  170  181
 weight  68  68
 breast-waist-thigh  97-60-92  70-56-74
 breast  D  B
 shoe size  38  38 2/3


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